This is a classic laying pattern for parquet. The blocks are laid so that they inter-lock in a diagonal pattern, giving the room visual direction by drawing the eye in a particular way.
Most commonly, the points of a herringbone pattern floor are laid parallel to a room’s longest wall, or towards the window.
With a herringbone pattern, you can easily achieve a traditional classic look, especially using one of our tumbled parquet wood blocks, which is aged to look exactly like reclaimed wood.
Herringbone pattern woodblocks are generally laid in a single herringbone or a double herringbone style, where the two blocks are doubled up next to each other. These variations are both classic patterns.
If you’re looking to be more adventurous, you can always combine different species of wood, or even different finishes applied to the parquet blocks. An alternating half and half herringbone pattern can look simply stunning, especially in the right setting.

Herringbone 1
Herringbone 4
Herringbone 2
Herringbone 5
Herringbone 3
Herringbone 6