Basket weave patterned parquet is equally traditional and gets its name from the manner in which a basket is weaved! Sounds simple, but there are different styles of basket weave.

The most simple is to use the number of blocks that correspond to the ratio of length:width. For example, our blocks are manufactured with a 4:1 ratio, with dimensions of 280 x 70 mm. Because of this, a simple pattern will use 4 blocks in one direction adjacent to 4 blocks in the opposite direction.

Alternatively, the number and direction of blocks can be changed to suit your preference. For example, you might want 4 blocks in one direction, then 1 block in the other direction separating each group of 4. With that pattern, the choice of where to stagger each row of blocks is up to you! You could decide that you want the single separating block to be in the middle of the 4 below, or closer to one side. Each pattern has its own unique style and is ultimately down to your preference.

Basket Weave 1
Basket Weave 4
Basket Weave 2
Basket Weave 3