A kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s a place you prepare meals, it’s where you have your family dinners, and it’s a place of refuge from the world. That’s why the kitchen you have needs to be tailored for your needs. The style, colours, and materials of the kitchen will depend on who you are and what you use the kitchen for. Some people prefer a more minimalist, Scandinavian style while other families might want a more traditional-looking cosy kitchen.

The homeowners who call us are usually anxious to fix a kitchen and we’ve never seen the same installation twice. Our team of specialists gather measurements, consult with visual specialists, and take notes on what it is you want to see in your kitchen. From that point onward, the story unfolds with each letter of the alphabet before it all comes together, becoming your bespoke kitchen, tailor-made for you in sizing, function and design.

If you plan on re-modelling your kitchen, it’s important for us to visit the house the kitchen is in and do a style consultation. That way, we can get a better idea of what the homeowner is looking for. We start by asking you what they want to use their kitchen space for. It could be cooking, cooking with friends, entertaining, but these decisions inform the overall design of the kitchen. From there, we work with our clients to figure out what they want for the design of their kitchen space. We can even consider work on the pantry, the disposals, and a kitchen island if it makes sense for the space.

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Reasons to choose Custom Build Solutions for your bespoke kitchen:

  • We customise your kitchen
  • We collaborate throughout
  • We work with you on your budget
  • We work with you to design your unique kitchen
  • We offer our expertise on the materials used
  • We offer our experience

  • We have builder expertise
  • We offer quality kitchens
  • We offer professional installations
  • Our team are friendly and polite
  • We offer traditional and contemporary designs



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