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Window shopping is an interesting process. For a homeowner, it typically happens when you’re looking for a new home. You go over the house and get ideas for what you want to do with the space. The first thing that crosses your mind is about what kind of exterior you want. There are so many options of what you can do with your home’s exterior, from installing a new door to improving your home’s curb appeal by installing new windows. One of the additions you can make to your home’s exterior is to replace your old windows with new, energy efficient uPVC windows.

uPVC windows have won many customers for their high performance, cost-efficient performance and low maintenance. Today, uPVC windows and doors are available in many styles and designs. uPVC windows are popular for use in commercial buildings, offices, and homes because they are easier to clean and have excellent energy efficiency

What are the benefits of uPVC windows?

  • The properties of uPVC windows are a lighter weight, non-combustible, and easily maintained.
  • Accidental scratches can be removed from uPVC windows without damaging the material.
  • They are not susceptible to rotting or the growth of mould.
  • Unexpected marks that may occur to the window can also be easily removed.
  • uPVC windows can have handles however, handles are optional.
  • uPVC windows  can be much cheaper than Aluminium windows depending on the style and size.

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Custom Build Solutions has put together a software for you to design your own windows and doors online, called WindowCAD. Simply click on the link below, Choose the type of window or door, and use the options to determine the colour, size, style and glazing. The system will them create the specifications which you can send to us to get a quote of the windows you need.

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Maintaining a well-kept front door that is made of uPVC can go a long way to giving the home an attractive and presentable appearance. It is worth noting that uPVC doors are less expensive than their wooden counterparts, but they still have a durable and long-lasting finish. There are many doors on the market that can suit any type of need, from security to protection.

uPVC doors are the industry standard, and provide a range of benefits to suit your needs. With so many door options available, it can be hard to know which is right for you and your family. The first consideration when choosing a door is how much security you need- uPVC doors are one of the most secure types available. They are also durable- they are almost impossible to destroy by accident, and resistant to scratches and abrasions. They also have a long lifespan, meaning you don’t need to worry about replacing them for a while.

Frequently we are asked about our products and why they are better than the competition. As a business, we want our customers to know what they are paying for and why. So with that in mind, these are some of the many reasons why I feel our products are superior to those of our competitors.

  • uPVC doors are significantly more affordable
  • uPVC doors have a life expectancy of 50+ years
  • uPVC doors have a much thicker insulation package, which means less energy is used and less work is needed to heat or cool a building
  • uPVC door products are 100% recyclable

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